Thomas, Dr Rhys

Dr Rhys ThomasHonorary Consultant in Epilepsy and Intermediate Clinical Fellow

  • Honorary Consultant in Epilepsy and Intermediate Clinical Fellow
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  • GMC Code: 6078098
  • Qualifications: BSc, MBChB, MRCP, MSc, PhD
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    Rhys grew up in Ecuador, Hertfordshire and South Wales before studying medicine and physiology in Bristol. He graduated in 2003 and trained in general medicine in the South West of England. In 2007 he returned to South Wales to train in Neurology and undertook a MSc in Psychiatry. His PhD, (Cardiff 2013) focussed on the genetic causes of common epilepsies. In 2013-14 Rhys spent a year working for the epilepsy genetics group at the Brain Research Institute, University of Melbourne under Professors Berkovic and Scheffer.

    Rhys joined Newcastle University from Cardiff University in 2017. Rhys is the 2017 Royal College of Physicians Linacre lecturer: he spoke about balancing the risks of Sodium Valproate for women of child-bearing age. He takes a lead for people with learning disability and epilepsy, and on genetic testing in the epilepsies.

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    Epilepsy, First Seizure, Learning Disability and Epilepsy (CRESTA)

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    Carol Sales, Anne Warner
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