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Environment and Sustainability

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The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s vision for sustainability is to deliver healthcare at its very best, within available environmental and social resources, protecting and improving health now and for future generations.

How we plan to deliver sustainable healthcare at its very best, with a personal touch:

Care – Developing low carbon care pathways and adapting our services with climate change in mind

Journeys – Encouraging active and sustainable travel for all

Energy - Using energy more efficiently and transitioning to lower carbon energy sources

Waste - Moving up the waste hierarchy: dispose of less, reuse and recycle more

Water – Eliminating wasteful use of this precious resource

Buildings & Land – Providing healthy and biodiverse spaces for patient and staff wellbeing

People – Inspiring, empowering and motivating our people to embrace sustainable healthcare

Purchasing - Working with our supply chain to deliver ethical and sustainable procurement

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Our Strategy

Our Board approved Sustainable Healthcare Strategy for 2016-20 sets out three Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 1: A healthier environment

Goal 2: Communities and services are ready and resilient for changing times and climates

Goal 3: Every opportunity contributes to healthy lives, healthy communities and healthy environments.

Included within the strategy is the Trust’s Sustainable Development Management Plan – an action plan setting out how the key aims of the strategy will be achieved. View the full strategy here.

Latest news

Keep up-to-date about our work and achievements on our latest news page.

Contact the Sustainability Team

  • James Dixon, Head of Sustainability and Compliance
  • Cara Tabaku, Energy Manager
  • Jason Mitchell, Waste Manager
  • David Malone, Travel and Transport Adviser
  • Amy Johnston, Sustainability Officer
  • Laura Middlemass, Sustainability Co-ordinator

To contact a member of the team email nuth.environment@nhs.net 

Or follow us on Twitter: @SustainableNUTH

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