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Quality Account and Strategy

Here you will find our latest Quality Account and Strategy Documents.

Quality Account 2018-19

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Quality Account for 2018/19 demonstrates our commitment to delivering care of the highest quality. The report focuses on our performance over the last year as well as our key priorities for 2019/20.

Quality Accounts are annual reports to the public from us about the quality of healthcare services that we provide. They are both retrospective and forward looking as they look back on the previous year’s data, explaining our outcomes and, crucially, look forward to define our priorities for the next year and how we plan to achieve these and quantify outcomes.

You can read our Quality Account for 2018-19 here (easy read version)

Quality Strategy 2018-2021

The Trust has launched a new Quality Strategy 2018-21 to inform staff and service users how the Trust intends to deliver Safe, Effective, High Quality Patient Care.

As a Trust we are committed to providing services which:

  • Maintain patient safety at all times and in all respects;
  • Are clinically effective and lead to the best possible health outcomes for patients;
  • Provide a positive patient experience;
  • Are timely, equitable and efficient; responding to the needs of our population;
  • Are well-led, open and collaborative and are committed to learning and improvement.

This strategy sets out how NuTH aims to continue to deliver the high quality care for which it is renowned and continue to put patients at the heart of all we do.

This new strategy also outlines our aim to create a culture of continuous improvement to increase and sustain the quality of our services for the people of Newcastle and beyond. Rather than being a short-lived trend, QI should become a consistent part of our culture as we move forward as a Trust, from ward to Board.

We are confident that by implementing this strategy, and continuing to put patients at the heart of everything we do, we will continue to ensure that our services are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. By working hard to foster a culture of continuous improvement, by empowering staff and patients to make the changes they want to see, we will continue to deliver the best possible care to the people of Newcastle and beyond. We will monitor the implementation of this strategy closely and look forward to working together to make the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust even better.

You can find the Newcastle Hospitals' Quality Strategy here.

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