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Trust performance

Our main aim is to deliver high quality and safe services to everyone who comes to Newcastle Hospitals. To help us do this, we monitor our services to make sure we meet national performance targets set by the Care Quality Commission (England's Health Watchdog).

To achieve our aims and objectives, we have a robust performance management process to review our performance on quality, business and financial issues. This helps us closely monitor everything we do throughout the year.

How do we know we do well?

All NHS hospitals are reviewed by external organisations to assess performance. The outcomes of the reviews are made available to the public. 

The Care Quality Commission carries out regular checks on our hospitals. You can see a summary of the review of each of our hospitals below.

We compare our performance against similar NHS trusts using data provided by:

We are also involved in a programme of clinical audits which compare the quality of care we provide with the best standards of care in the country.

You can also get the overall picture of the work we do throughout the year in our annual report.

More information is available about our performance in a range of areas on the NHS Choices website, and the MY NHS website.

CQC National Standards

You can see the information below about the CQC National Standards. Some web browsers may not be able to view the information below. Please click on the links to take you to the relevant hospital site.

Freeman CQC National Standards

You can find more details on the Freeman Hospital's CQC review.

Royal Victoria Infirmary CQC National Standards

You can find more information about the RVI's CQC review.

Campus for Ageing and Vitality CQC National Standards

You can find out more about the Campus for Ageing and Vitality's CQC review.

Dental Hospital CQC National Standards

You can find out more about the Dental Hospital's CQC review.

Patient and staff surveysShow [+]Hide [-]

Annual surveys are carried out involving both our patients and our staff to help us better understand where we are seen to be doing well and where we should be focusing our efforts to improve the experience for both patients and staff.

Patient Survey

The Care Quality Commission's annual NHS Patient Survey Programme is sent out to a number of inpatients to seek their views on how we perform in a range of specific areas.

To find out what our patients had to say, visit the Care Quality Commission website.  

Staff Survey

The annual staff survey is sent out to a randomly selected group of staff covering a range of key areas:

  • Work/life balance
  • Appraisal, training, learning and development
  • Team working, supervision, communication and staff involvement
  • Safety at work
  • Staff attitudes

The results enable us to recognise the commitment of our staff by developing and rewarding them appropriately, and focusing on making changes that our staff really want, helping them to continue to deliver the best quality service for our patients.

You can find out about the results of the 2014 staff survey.

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