Making this website easy for everyone to use

We’ve worked hard to make this website easy for everyone to use. Here are just a few of the things we have done to make it accessible for all.  

  • We have designed the website with a logical content structure to help you find what you’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.
  • A ‘search’ facility has been incorporated into the website to help you find information in seconds.
  • We have used a non-serif font and a colour scheme which is easy on the eye.
  • An A-Z finder features in various parts of the site to help you find specific wards, services and treatments with ease.
  • We have used an 800x600 (pixels) screen width which means no horizontal scrolling is required.
  • We have used standards-compliant semantic markup to ensure  compatibility across many browsers, screen readers, alternative media-types and assistance software.

Increasing the text size

You can choose one of three text sizes on this site - standard, medium and large. Choose the text size you require by clicking on one of the three ‘A’ characters at the top of every page. Once selected, the text will automatically be resized throughout the site.

  • If you have problems using this facility, or if you want to increase/decrease the text size even more, please try using one of the methods below.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, go to View > Text size
  • If you use Firefox, go to View > Text size
  • If you use Netscape, go to Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts
  • If you use Opera, go to File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)

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