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Choose our services

As an NHS patient, you can choose the hospital where you want to be treated.

Wherever you live, whatever treatment you need, patient choice is vital. This is your legal right as part of the NHS Constitution

Your choice of hospital is up to you

Depending on the treatment you need, you can choose the hospital that’s closest to you, or the one with the shortest waiting times. You could also choose the hospital with the best clinical results and performance.

You can find more details about choosing a hospital on the NHS Choices website.

How to choose

When you need to go to hospital for treatment, choosing the hospital you want to go to is easy. The first thing to do is speak to your GP who can refer you to any of our services. Remember, your choice is your right.

Once your GP has advised you, you can then use e-Referral to choose the place, date and time for your first hospital or clinic appointment.

Our services

We offer some of the best facilities and treatment in the North East. In fact, for many of our services, people come to us from across the country and beyond.

You can find the full range of services we offer by using our services and treatments list.

Services in your community

To help you receive treatment closer to home, we provide some of our services in locations to suit you.

There are also a number of Walk-in Centres to treat minor injuries and illnesses.

Choose well

When choosing any medical treatment, you need to select the most appropriate help to meet your needs.

For less serious conditions, such as colds or minor cuts and bruises, could you care for yourself? For minor ailments, your local chemist could help.

For more serious issues you should speak to your GP; one of our Walk-in Centres or the Minor Injuries Unit could also help. Our Emergency Department is available for urgent or serious conditions.

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