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Keep in Touch Visiting

Virtual visiting tool

We know how worrying it can be for people unable to visit family and friends in hospital during these worrying times.

We are committed to helping you keep in touch, and receive updates from our staff and are now offering a new "Keeping in touch" virtual visiting tool which allows you to have face to face conversations with either your relative or friend, or their clinical team.

What you'll need to carry out the video call

You’ll need one of the following devices to access this service:-

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop/PC - with camera, microphone, speakers/headphone

The service is compatible with Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers. Most devices will have one of these web browsers already installed.

Safari and Chrome


If you have difficulties, Google Chrome can be downloaded for free here:

At the time of the video call

  • Select the ward from the list below, several different households can join the visit at the same time
  • Please ensure all callers are using the Chrome browser, otherwise there is a risk you may lose sound.
  • Enter the Waiting Area by clicking on the ‘Start video call’ button
  • Enter your Name and telephone number when prompted and click ‘Continue’ this will allow the ward to know who you are.  We do not need your DOB. If there is more than one “visitor” please put in the surname box – “relative of………”. This will help staff know there is more than one visitor
  • Follow the on screen instructions

At some points you may be prompted to click ‘Allow’ in order for our video call service to access your device.

When the other person is ready they will join the call. Watch out for any messages sent by our staff which will appear on your video screen.

The ward will start the call with the first person and then add additional callers to the call.

Keep in Touch Ward List

Royal Victoria infirmary


Eden Court

ITU/HDU/Critical care

More tips to help keep touch

Here are some tips and information to help you keep in touch:

  • we would encourage you to bring in a mobile device for your relative or friend so that you can talk to them directly
  • you might like to remind your relative or friend that they can use their bedside unit Hospedia telephone, free of charge for external telephone calls to 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers for up to one hour per telephone call
  • you may wish to send a personal letter or photograph to your relative or friend. Speak to the ward and the staff will be able to give you an email address to send a message or photograph to print off and personally deliver for you
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