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People at our Heart Awards

About the Awards

The "People at our Heart Awards" is a staff & volunteer recognition scheme that enables patients, relatives, colleagues and the public, to express their gratitude and provide recognition for the outstanding efforts of our staff and volunteers.   It also helps the Trust to identify and celebrate those amongst our people who 'make us proud' and best represent the Trust Values:

As part of our #FlourishatNewcastle Hospitals framework, our goal is to enable all staff to liberate their potential and work in a way which is fair and respectful.  Enhancing the staff experience and through these awards, we're able to reinforce how valuable colleagues are who demonstrate kindness and exemplar behaviour.

Winners and Nominations 2020

We have quarterly individual and team winners of our People at our Heart Awards, along with one winner of our Employee of the Year and one winner of our Team of the Year Award

You can see the People at our Heart Award winners and nominees, and read about why they were nominated. Please note these documents may take some time to download

Submitting a Nomination

If there is a member of staff, team or volunteer who have gone above and beyond their role to make a difference, then simply nominate them for a quarterly award by submitting an online form or pick up a nomination form found on most wards/departments and at any reception areas.  It can then be posted to:

People at our Heart Awards
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust
Level 1, Regent Point
Regent Farm Road

Closing dates for submitting nominations are:

  • Wednesday 30th September 2020 
  • Thursday 31st December 2020
  • Wednesday 31st March 2021

Top tips for a winning staff awards entry

People at the Heart awards nominations are judged on quality, not quantity. This means a person who receives three nominations isn't judged more favourably than someone who receives one. It's better to submit one really good nomination, than nominate the same person multiple times.

Here are some top tips on how to write a winning entry:

Make sure you accurately identify the person or team you are nominating for the award and ensure that you provide their full name, position and location as without this information your nomination will not be processed.

Say what the nominee did (e.g., projects, activities). How they went are above and beyond their role, giving specific examples. Explain what were the results and/or impact?

How did they demonstrate their hard work and commitment to the Trust values?

By caring and being kind to our patients, their families and each other as colleagues?

By working hard to ensure that they have delivered the very best standards of care?

By being inclusive of all, and actively listening to different voices?

By being innovative and creative to enhance patient experience?

By taking pride in their work?


Appeal to the judging panel's hearts – use emotive language to describe the difference the person made, the value of what they did and how it made you feel.

Entry Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations are invited from colleagues, patients and visitors.
  • Nominations will only be accepted via the online nomination form or via a paper nomination form, which can be found on all wards/departments and reception areas across the Trust. Unfortunately letters or cards will not be accepted.
  • A pre-determined cut-off date will be identified each quarter and posted on the “People at our Heart Awards” webpage.
  • There is a 300 word limit for each nomination.  Nominations which exceed this limit will not be considered.
  • The person nominating should identify a recent specific event or incident which illustrates why the staff member, team or volunteer should be recognised. They should give full details of the incident or experience, and reasons why it was so exemplary, including why it is such a great example of the individual/volunteer/team demonstrating consideration for and commitment to placing patients at the heart of everything they do. For more information, see 'Top Tips for a winning staff awards entry'.  
  • Individuals, volunteers and teams may not nominate themselves.
  • Nominators will  have the right to remain anonymous (i.e. not have their identity disclosed to their nominee)

How are the nominations judged?

The “People at our Heart Awards” judging panel is made up of clinical and non-clinical staff, patient and governor representatives. At the end of each quarter, the panel come together to review each of the nominations received and as a group they select two individual winners, one volunteer and one winning team.  All nominations are anonymised to ensure fairness and to ensure an unbiased selection process.

Each winner is then invited to attend as award presentation which will take place at the employee's place of work and a colleague, friend or family member may also attend.  An Executive Director will present the winner(s) with a framed Award Certificate signed by the Chief Executive and Chairman, a scheme lapel pin/velcro badge to wear with pride, and an award voucher.

All winners throughout the year will also be entered into an annual 'People at our Heart -Employee of the Year', 'People at our Heart - Team of the Year' and 'People at our Heart - Volunteer of the Year' awards, with all three winners being announced at the Trust's “Celebrating Excellence Awards” celebration held in June each year.

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