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Newcastle Hospitals join forces with AccessAble

A partnership between AccessAble and the Newcastle Hospitals allows hospital visitors, patients and staff to find out more about the accessibility of the Trust’s buildings and services.

The new resource will be a great help to disabled people, their carers, friends and family. It will equally be of help to people who would just like to know more about things such as parking, walking distances and toilet facilities. The online access guide will be completely free to use and is being created by national disability organization, AccessAble.

AccessAble is a social enterprise; it works across the UK to tackle social isolation and inequality through better information provision. Set up in 2000 the organisation was founded by wheelchair user, Dr. Gregory Burke, in response to the frustrations he faced trying to access new places. Gregory found a complete lack of information about the areas he wanted to visit, and when he rang to ask for details the information he was given was often wrong or not detailed enough for him to feel confident.

AccessAble, previously called DisabledGo, have been working for over a year to develop and launch the new website and App, involving its user community every step of the way.

AccessAble's website aims to answer everyone’s questions about the accessibility of places they need to visit. It has been developed by the disabled people who use it, reflecting the needs of people with a wide range of impairments. Currently the website features over 125,000 venues, including many in Newcastle thanks to funding from Newcastle City Council. Crucially, each place featured on has been personally visited and assessed by one of AccessAble's surveyors to ensure accurate, detailed information is collected.

AccessAble'ss surveying team assessed and produced information for the Trust’s Dental Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Great North Children’s Hospital, Freeman Hospital and community services across the city.

By using the guide people can find out whether accessible parking bays are available, how far you would need to walk to get to an entrance, if a hearing loop is available at reception, what side the transfer space is in an accessible toilet, whether there are tactile lift buttons, if staff have received dementia training, if background music is played, if flashing fire alarms are available and if there are places to sit and rest.

 Contact AccessAble on: 01438 842 710 or email

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