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Contact: (0191) 244 8129 - On-call Chaplain (24 hours a day)

 Spiritual / Religious and Pastoral Care


Chaplains are provided by the Newcastle Hospitals as part of the multi-disciplinary team offering you care during your stay in hospital.

Spirituality is the way in which people find meaning, purpose and hope in life. It is often described as that which makes you tick.

Religion is the way in which some people find a framework that gives expression to their spirituality.

No one really knows how spirituality is related to health, but research has shown that the health of one’s body, mind or spirit seems to affect the health of others.

Paying attention to your spiritual, religious or emotional needs may not cure an illness but it might help you cope with your situation in a better way.

Chaplains are there for patients, relatives, carers and staff and are there for everyone, not just there for the religious.

What we do

Chaplains are available to:

  • Listen to what is happening to you and to help you try and makes sense of the feelings and thoughts that you might be having as a result of your stay in hospital.
  • Provide resources to help you meet your religious needs while in hospital.
  • To be a point of contact with Faith communities and to help staff understand the specific needs that you might have because of your Spirituality or Faith.
  • To support staff in their work and personal well being.

Who we are

Full Time Staff: 
Rev'd Nigel M. Goodfellow (Head of Department
Rev'd Jane Anderson 
Rev’d Fiona Collin
Rev'd David Shaw 
Capt Katie Watson 

Part Time Staff: 
Fr Mariadass OCD 
Rev'd Richard McLaughlin 
Miss. Bernie Doyle 

Honorary Part Time Staff: 
Mrs. Shoshana Sandler 
Mr Aharon Sandler 
Mr Jeremy Bernstein 

Resources available

We have:

  • Chapels
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Prayer mats
  • Bibles, Torah, Koran

Worship Opportunities

Freeman Hospital
Sunday:  from 09:00 Bed Services (Church of England, Free Church & Roman Catholic)
  11:00 Holy Communion led by a Church of England of Free Church Chaplain in the Chapel of Christ the Healer (level 2 Ward Block)
Thursday:  12:30 Reflections … a time to pause.  An ecumenical service of prayers and readings
Friday:   13:00 Muslim Prayer
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Sunday:  09:45 Holy Communion led by a Church of England of Free Church Chaplain in the Medicinema (New Victoria Wing)
  Bed Services (Church of England, Free Church & Roman Catholic) during the morning

Contact us

To get in touch with a member of our chaplaincy staff you can: 

  • ask a member of staff to contact them on your behalf 
  • contact the on-call Chaplain yourself directly on (0191) 244 8129 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4.30pm) 
  • ask our Switchboard staff on (0191) 233 6161 to telephone the on-call Chaplain (nights and weekends) for you
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