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Ear infections (chronic) and hearing loss

This page gives you information about chronic ear infections, hearing loss and the BAHA bone conduction hearing solution.

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Hearing loss can affect virtually every aspect of a person’s life, from the appreciation of nature, the arts and entertainment to personal and professional relationships.

A limited ability to discern sounds can have a negative impact on a child’s intellectual and emotional development, while loss of normal hearing later in life can lead to social isolation, career roadblocks and diminished enjoyment of one’s retirement years.

Chronic ear infections, also known as Chronic Otitis Media, increase the risk of middle-ear problems that can cause a conductive hearing loss.

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People with a conductive hearing loss often have difficulty understanding speech over background noise, and they may have trouble localising the origin of sounds.

Regardless of the age of the individual, the BAHA System can help restore hearing by bypassing the problems in the middle ear and sending sound directly to the inner ear. Because it never obstructs the ear canal, the discharges associated with Chronic Otitis Media are allowed to dry properly, reducing the risk of further infections.

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Any child with diminished hearing tends to experience delayed language skills, which can lead to social isolation, academic difficulties and behavioural problems.

BAHA solutions can be implemented early in life so children get the early access to hearing required to develop speech and language at the same rate as their hearing peers.

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The BAHA System makes use of the body’s natural ability to hear sound through vibrations. To bypass the problems in the middle ear common to Chronic Otitis Media, BAHA sends sound through the bone directly to the functioning inner ear. In other words, it re-routes the sound – naturally.

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To find out how to gain better access to hearing you should contact your GP to arrange a referral to us.

You can also find more details about the Newcastle BAHA Centre.

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