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Ductal Carcinoma-In-Situ treatment completion

This page is for women who have finished breast cancer treatments for Ductal Carcinoma-In-Situ (DCIS) and explains the plan for follow-up.

Following surgery you may or may not have radiotherapy. We know that having a regular outpatient follow-up does not help to prevent cancer returning, and as DCIS is most commonly detected with a mammogram when there are no physical signs in the breast, this is the best way to continue follow-up rather than you attend clinic visits.

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When your surgery and any radiotherapy are finished you will have an appointment with the Radiotherapy Team after around two months.

You will have a further appointment with the surgical team at about six months. This allows the medical teams involved in your care to check how you are and make sure you have recovered from treatment. After this your appointments will be for mammograms only unless any problem is detected.

How often will I have a mammogram?

You will be invited for a mammogram every year for a total of five years unless you are under 42 years old in which case you will have annual mammograms until you reach the age of routine breast screening (usually from age 47). Following this we will invite you for a mammogram in the National Breast Screening Programme every three years.

What symptoms should I report?

You should remain breast aware and remember the five point code:

  • Changes in breast shape and size
  • Any puckering or dimpling of the skin
  • Discomfort or pain that is different from normal
  • Any new lumps, thickening or bumpy areas in the breast or armpit
  • Nipple changes or nipple discharge (not milky)

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If you have any worries or concerns in between your appointments please contact your GP or Nurse Specialist who will advise you.

If you contact the Nurse Specialists and a nurse is not available to take your call there is an answerphone service. Please leave a message and someone will always try to return your call within one working day.

While you are having mammographic follow-up, your Specialist Nurse will be able to arrange an appointment in an appropriate clinic if necessary.

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For further information about health conditions and treatment options, look at the NHS Choices website. On this website there is an information prescription generator which brings together approved patient information from the NHS and charity partners which you may find helpful.

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