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Amputee Physiotherapy Service

This page gives you details about the physiotherapy services we provide at the Freeman Hospital.

Physiotherapy team

The Physiotherapy Team provides a rehabilitation service for people who have had an amputation across our region. The team is led by a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in amputee rehabilitation. 

We work as part of a team of healthcare professionals at the artificial limb centre based at the Freeman Hospital’s Disablement Services Centre (DSC).

We work closely with other healthcare professionals including occupational therapists, prosthetists, nursing and medical staff.  

Physiotherapy for inpatients

The Amputee Physiotherapy Team treats inpatients who have had an amputation at the Freeman Hospital.

We aim to see patients before an amputation to explain the role of physiotherapy after their surgery.


After an amputation, we work with patients to:

  • assess their breathing to prevent chest infections
  • education them on the safe use of wheelchairs
  • carry out strengthening and stretching exercises to maintain patients’ strength and the range of movement in their joints
  • practice transferring safely from bed/toilet to wheelchair, to promote a patient’s independence
  • monitor scar healing
  • plan a safe discharge from hospital.

When they are discharged, patients who want to be assessed for a prosthesis (an artificial limb) will be referred to the limb centre and to their local physiotherapy service to continue their rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy for outpatients

At the Freeman DSC, we provide an outpatient service for patients living in Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Gateshead. We provide assessment and rehabilitation for lower limb amputees.

Treatment and facilities

The team assesses new amputee patients to decide whether they are suitable for a prosthesis – this involves using an early walking assessment aid. 

Patients who have had a below-knee amputation will use a ‘pneumatic post-amputation mobility’ (PPAM) aid to practice walking. Patients who have had an amputation above the knee will practice walking with an aid called a ‘Femurett’.

All patients use parallel bars to practice walking under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.

Patients who can walk safely with an early walking aid, will meet with staff at the limb centre (DSC) for an artificial limb to be made. The Physiotherapy Team will then provide rehabilitation for patients to learn how to walk safely before taking their prosthesis home.

We have is a wide variety of facilities and equipment to help patients with their rehabilitation, including:

  • a gym area
  • outdoor mobility track
  • different ground surfaces.

We see patients who have an artificial limb at regular review appointments, which helps us to monitor their progress and offer treatment.

To help with the rehabilitation process, we also work with other healthcare professionals at the DSC.

You can find out more about the DSC.

More information


Contact us

For more information about the Amputee Physiotherapy Service at the Freeman Hospital, contact:

  • Emma Rogerson, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist: Amputee Rehabilitation
  • tel: 0191 213 7924
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