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Pain Management Services

Acute Pain Management

Contact: Anaesthetic Secretaries RVI - 0191 28 24619 Freeman Hospital - 0191 22 31059

The Newcastle Hospitals' Acute Pain Service is a well-established service for all inpatients, and has many years experience in treating a wide range of pain related problems. All patients cared for at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and the Freeman Hospital have access to specialist nursing and medical staff from the Acute Pain Service, and patients can be referred by the ward staff.

We aim to reduce pain to a level acceptable for each individual patient who needs our input. It may not always be possible to relieve pain fully, and that is why we strive to promote comfort rather than complete pain relief.

Consultations and reviews are undertaken in all clinical areas of the hospitals to maximise pain reduction and allow recovery. We encourage patients, families and carers to make informed choices about the options available to them and to develop an individual plan of treatment.

Latest Techniques and Treatments

We provide a range of treatments and techniques to help control the level of pain including:

  • Epidural pain relief devices
  • Patient controlled pain relief devices
  • Local anaesthetic infusions
  • Medications for treating pain
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices
  • Liaison and advice from other professional groups, such as physiotherapy, psychology, GP, pain clinic, pharmacy


Information about these techniques and treatments is available in written format or via discussion with someone from the pain service. If you have a planned admission to hospital, some of these options will be discussed at your preadmission appointments.

Staff you might meet

If you are referred to our service you may meet a number of staff throughout your time:

  • Specialist nurses in pain management
  • Specialist doctors in pain management
  • Anaesthetists
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