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Newcastle community nutrition services

The Newcastle Community Nutrition and Dietetic Team works on clinical nutrition, health improvement and nutrition training.

We work with: 

  • individuals and families one-to-one, and in groups
  • health professionals including GPs, practice nurses, health visitors and midwives
  • people in elderly and residential care.

Nutrition services we provide

We work with people across Newcastle to:

  • promote healthy food choices
  • prevent  nutrition-related disease
  • treat nutrition-related diseases.

Our dietitians assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.

We use the most up-to-date research on food, health and disease, and produce practical guidance to help people make healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Experts in food and nutrition

We are experts in food and nutrition and we work closely with patients to help them achieve their personal goals. We also work with other organisations to help patients access a wider range of services.

We work with patients at locations across Newcastle, and we train and educate other health and social care workers. We also work on wider public health projects to provide nutritional information.

Conditions we treat

Nutrition and diet can affect a range of conditions and illnesses. The main areas we work in include:

  • childhood, maternal and adult obesity
  • newly-diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes - see our Diabetes Centre pages
  • cardiac rehabilitation  - see our cardiac rehabilitation page
  • oral nutrition support
  • allergies, growth issues, and poor nutrition in children
  • management of coeliac disease
  • programmes to reduce diet-related health issues, including the development of practical food skills.

Accessing our service

GPs, practice nurses, midwives, health visitors and school health advisors can refer children, families and pregnant or post-natal women to our weight management services.

Adults can also refer themselves to our weight management services. For more details, please visit the Active Newcastle website.

Only GPs can refer people to our services for:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • oral nutrition support

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