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What they say about Therapy Services

Therapy Services treats thousands of patients every year. This page brings you just a few comments from patients and their families.

Patient testimonials

Thank you cardA letter to Occupational Therapy

“I wanted to thank you personally (and the department) for all your absolutely invaluable help.

“I had no idea what I might need when one-legged and on crutches, and had it not been for your expert guidance I should have had a very tricky, if not impossible time at home after returning from my hospital stay.

“I’m walking/limping around unaided now, full recovery is a bit slow but I don’t need the loan equipment any more.

Mr BP 

Comments to Speech and Language Therapy

“Very supportive and productive. Goes the extra mile, eg telephoning to see how things are going. Patience and understanding without being condescending. Empathy and encouragement. Professional, good example of the ethos of the NHS. Key part to providing service to people with Parkinson’s.”

Patient comment

“Friendly, helpful service managed to meet our needs. We had a supportive therapist who listened to our views and observations.”

Patient comment

“This was an intensive four week course which demanded great commitment from the recipient and the tutor. At the end of week three, I could see improvement. This was greatly improved and consolidated by the end of the course. Not a moment had been wasted throughout the four weeks. The therapist was quite outstanding. As a result of her considerable efforts, and mine, I felt quite transformed, with my confidence being restored now that people could hear, and understand what I was saying. The course allowed me to regain my presence and authority.”

Patient comment

“We are eternally grateful for your input and support, however brief and sporadic, getting our daughter her speaking valves and giving her a voice.”

A parent’s comment

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