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Students Stay Safe

We hope the advice on this page will help you and your friends have a safe and enjoyable student experience in Newcastle, and help you to use the most appropriate health services available to you.


Newcastle upon Tyne is known as a friendly and lively city (Geordie Land).  With 42,000 students attending Newcastle University or Northumbria University each year, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to leisure facilities.


It might not be the first thing you’d think of, but would you know what do or where to go to in case you fell ill or sustained an injury? 


New students to the area

  • Have you registered with a GP?  Find your local GP practice and get registered today by visiting the NHS Choices website.
  • Need to register with a Dentist?  Find your nearest dentist..
  • Find a Pharmacy? Chemists can provide advice for minor conditions which don’t need medical treatment.  You can find your nearest chemist on NHS Choices.
  • ICE – In Case of Emergency ensure you have identification and next of kin contact details in your purse/wallet at all times.   Even better, you could carry a slip of paper with your full name, date of birth, NHS Number (if you know it) and the name and number of a person you would like us to call in case of an emergency.
  • Use the health apps on your mobile phone to register emergency details and known medical conditions.


Do I need to go to the Emergency Department?

The Great North Trauma & Emergency Centre is based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Patients requiring immediate medical attention due to a serious illness or injury should go to A&E


Patients with less serious injuries or symptoms should consider all available alternatives before coming to the Emergency Department:

  • Advice is available from your local Pharmacist
  • your own GP can offer treatment for many problems. 
  • Walk-in-Centres can also help with conditions that are not emergencies. 


Safe night out

  • Ensure you have a meal before heading out.  Eating can help slow down the absorption of alcohol. Try  pasta and carbs! Once out, share some nibbles with your friends, a packet of crisps, peanuts, tapas - this will fill you up and reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Try pacing and spacing. Having a soft drink or a glass of water between alcoholic drinks slows down the rate of your consumption which means you will drink less over the course of the night. Your hangover will also be better in the morning and you will have spent less too!
  • Think about your journey home. Where is the nearest Metro Station and what time is the last train?   See metro train times  or bus  timetables
  • Only use reputable taxi companies. Do not stop or jump into private cars that you haven’t booked.
  • Stay together and don’t leave one friend to wander off home on their own. 
  • It may not be cool not to cover up to keep warm, but better than catch cold or hyperthermia.  Check the weather before you go out and wear coat or jacket if necessary. It is a Geordie myth you will stay warm just by popping your hands in your pockets! 


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