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You should be offered pain relief at Triage. If not or if you develop pain whilst waiting then please speak to the triage nurse.

Treatments will vary depending upon the type of injury.

We have a range of wound closure methods and each person will be assessed to see which method is suitable. Your wishes will be taken in to account and any problems fully discussed with you Closure methods include

• Wound glue

• Steri-Strips (Adhesive strips)

• Sutures (stitches)

Local anaesthetic is given in cases of suturing

The follow up care will depend upon each individual and may involve referral to Liaison Psychiatry team, GP or Crisis Assessment Team.

For Patients attending with overdose.

Triage category and treatments will vary depending upon the type of medication taken. Medical interventions may include blood tests, observations and possible admission into hospital for further treatment. This will be discussed with you so that you can make an informed decision about your care.

If admitted to hospital then a further mental health assessment will be offered by our Liaison Psychiatry Team, usually when you are medically fit. If you do not require admission follow up care will depend upon individual needs.

Options either include GP, Liaison Psychiatry (same day or follow up appointment) or the Crisis Assessment Team. There is also, a team who work with teenagers and children (CAMHS). You may have a care worker that you would prefer to contact with regard to follow up.

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