Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service

Wards and clinics

You can find out more information on this page about the wards and clinics used by the Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Service.

Ward 34 - Northern Centre for Cancer Care

A cancer care ward providing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for both male and female patients.

Ward 35 - Northern Centre for Cancer Care

Care for patients with all types of solid tumour cancers undergoing specific radioactive treatments.

Ward 20 - Freeman Hospital

Care for adults who need foot and ankle surgery, and surgery and other treatment for bone tumours.

Ward 10 - Great North Children's Hospital

Care and treatment for young people up to school-leaving age before and after planned orthopaedic surgery.

Ward 4 - Great North Children's Hospital

A specialist ward providing intensive care and treatment for children and young people with all forms of cancer.

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