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Iben Cocker

Iben Cocker's story

Iben Cocker, 54 from Bellingham feels she is here because of progress within the medical profession and thanks to regular screening programs.

She says: “If I hadn’t attended my routine breast screening appointment, I wouldn’t have seen my children graduate and grow into confident adults.”

It was in October 2012 when Iben was called in for her first mammogram after hitting 50. As she lives in a small village quite a few of her friends were also going.

She realised soon that they were getting results quicker and feared the worst. They were confirmed when, after she was recalled for a biopsy and a scan, a small tumour was discovered.

Iben explains: “It was really hard to deal with and my family must have been going through hell.

“When faced with a diagnosis such as this you go through a number of stages and for me, ultimately, I decided that it was not going to ruin the happiness that I had found just a few years before with my new partner. We battled together and now three years after, have just had our third all clear mammogram.”

Iben says she actually feels very blessed to have had breast cancer. “I am very strong and very physically fit so I really don't mind being one of the statistics. I play golf at a high level. I am a single figure handicapper and I work full time cheffing in the hotel I've been running for 35 years. Cancer made me sit up and take notice.

“I live life to the full and only now and again am I reminded of limitations when my scar restricts certain movements.

“I am so grateful to be part of a service where you are reminded every three years to go for that all important check-up and would recommend all women take up their invitation.”

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