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Jan Casson

Jan Casson's story

Jan says: "My journey started July 2012, I was 54.

"I have to say I have always been Breast Aware as breast cancer is high risk in my family. My Mum, sister and cousin all had breast cancer. Because of my family history, I had regular breast screening from my late 30s. Once I reached 50 I went on to the national programme so was screened every 3 years. I felt more vulnerable in my 50s than any other time.

"I was fine between 50-53, but one day when I was getting ready for work, I got a real shock with what I saw in the mirror. Despite my breasts looking normal from the top looking down and the fact I felt no lumps or bumps, underneath my left breast I saw a dent and I knew instantly I was in trouble. I immediately got an appointment with my GP who examined me and a referral was made there and then. I then had the agonising wait for my appointment with the breast team at the RVI."

Jan went to her appointment with her husband and daughter. She was told that they thought she had breast cancer but to have this confirmed she would need a mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy.

She continues: "When I went back for the results I was told I had ductal breast cancer and that my lymph nodes were clear. My options for surgery were further discussed. I opted to see an oncoplastic surgeon and was told he was able to do my breast surgery as well as fit my implant.

"My surgery was straight forward. I was only in hospital for two days, came out with my drain and my implanted breast looked fantastic. I had a couple of problems post op but they were sorted by the wonderful team of healthcare professionals. The breast tissue was examined and the tumour analysed. The tumour was almost 4cm big but my lymph nodes were clear.

"My journey through the RVI has been exceptional. Yes, there have been some rocky roads which have been addressed and sorted but the health care professionals and my surgeon have been outstanding. I have felt very safe at all times with my endless questions being answered.

It's not nice, but there is life after the curls."

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