Breast Screening & Assessment Service

Tina Trowbridge

Tina Trowbridge's story

Tina says: “Breast awareness and breast screening are both hugely important. I found my breast cancer through breast
awareness but I still attend routine screening.”

"In late February 2007 I discovered a tiny lump a few inches above my left nipple. It hurt to touch so I thought it maybe a spot coming but all it did was get bigger. I went to see GP and was referred to the breast clinic."


"I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and saw a doctor who said I had breast cancer but they needed to do a biopsy to ascertain what they were dealing with.  The radiographer was very helpful and I can honestly say that it doesn’t hurt, slightly uncomfortable but is over in a few moments. 

"The biopsy was done the following week and on 21 March was told it was very aggressive. I had been booked in for a mastectomy five days later. I was 45 years old. 

"After I was declared cancer free after five years I am now reliant on the Breast Screening Service and feel fully confident in that as it's a brilliant service run by women for women and everyone is so kind and helpful.  I would encourage everyone to attend the appointment or you can phone up and easily change the date, time and even venue."

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