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Patient testimonials

Telephone call from a patients relative

I have just taken a call from a relative of one of the patients being treated on Ward 36 (Chemotherapy Day Unit), she wanted me to pass on their sincere thanks and gratitude to all the people on Ward 36 and the others involved in her brothers care.

Whenever they come into the ward everyone there is a delight, they make it almost even a pleasurable experience for them coming in and they are so grateful. 

She couldn’t speak highly enough about the staff and the department and wanted to make sure that everyone knew how much they were appreciated.

Mr J D, via email

"Where do I start?

Thanks first to Professor Griffin who diagnosed my Upper GI cancer. Then Mr Immanuel, the surgeon for operating on me; Clare and Maria; all the nurses on Ward 36; don't forget the physios and the dieticians - all who treated me, a nervous scared person, with/care/dignity/compassion, and made me feel that my visiting family and myself were the only ones on the ward.

Nothing was a bother even through the night. A special thanks to Mr Immanuel and his team, for his straight talking and the confidence about my future he gave to me and my family, (a very very dedicated man, thank goodness).

I have just finishing my chemo at the Freeman, so onward and upwards.

Many, many, many thanks to all.

Mr J D"

Mr J, from Lanchester, County Durham

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the treatment I have received at the centre (Northern Centre for Cancer Care).

The friendliness of all the staff was truly amazing: receptionists; CT Scanner staff and mould room; and finally the radiotherapy staff all made my treatment bearable.

The atmosphere in the centre is geared to the comfort of the patient and the information given is appreciated.

Please convey my thanks to all.

Kind regards

Mr J"

Mr R M M, Newcastle

"I first came to the Centre in August and for the past 7/8 weeks I feel that I have almost become one of the family.  At all times I have found your collective approach to me to be both professional and friendly.  I have listened to other folk waiting for treatment and without exception, everyone has sung your praises.  It must be tempting sometimes to treat people simply as a job of work to be done - I have never felt this whenever I have come in for my treatment and I am very grateful to you all for dealing with me as an individual rather than just another patient.  When I was told I had cancer I was very frightened.  I have to say it is down to good people like you that has helped me to deal with this disease on a daily basis."

Thank you letter to staff

"We would just like to thank you all for looking after our mam throughout her illness. As you all know sadly Mam died, but without your care and true support, things would have been a lot different. At least she was in no pain and went peacefully with us all. Thank you so much for everything you all did – if it wasn’t for staff like you, the NHS would be nothing!" 

Mr R F R, Cumbria

"The unknown is always daunting and a concern, and everyone of you were professional in explaining exactly what was happening and carrying out the treatment.  So it was a pleasure rather than a dread each day for something that needed to happen". 

Thank you letter to staff

Thank you for looking after me when I was sick,

   thank you for picking me up when I was down,

       thank you for that extra push when I needed it,

           thank you for helping me win when I thought I was beat,

               thank you for always bringing a smile,

                    thank you for always being there.

                           I will never forget what you have done for me.     


                                                                                                    Mr S J

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