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Prostate Brachytherapy

Prostate seed brachytherapy is one of three nationally (NICE) approved treatment options for early, localised prostate cancer, and an increasingly popular alternative to radical surgery and radiotherapy. Seeds - tiny capsules, the size of a grain of rice - containing the radiation are passed through fine needles and positioned directly into the prostate gland.  The treatment has a low complication rate, and following a single overnight stay, most men find they are able to return to pre-treatment activities within a couple of days.

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Dr John Frew, was appointed to lead the service and he has developed a one-stop assessment clinic where treatment is discussed in detail, and all necessary pre-operative evaluations completed. Ideal referrals include patients with active lifestyles* who are not suitable for major surgery and who wish to maintain sexual function*, and patients with smaller glands without severe urinary symptoms.

Newcastle Hospitals has invested in the latest equipment (a top of the range ultrasound scanner and radiotherapy planning software) to ensure the implant process is performed to the highest standards. 

Prostate Brachytherapy Team with new equipment

*Studies have shown that prostate brachytherapy impacts less on patient quality of life than other treatment options, eg. incontinence and sexual dysfunction. 

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