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"This place is very enclosed - I think it's very helpful that the art project brings something different in here".

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Proteins produced by the body to regulate cell functions. Interferons are produced in the laboratory in large quantities, and are sometimes used in the treatment of certain cancers.

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Northern Centre for Cancer Care

Room for You

Our ‘Room for You’ Arts Service aims to bring benefits in health and wellbeing to our patients and their carers whilst receiving care and treatment here at NCCC, whilst helping to create a welcoming, enlivening atmosphere.

‘Room for You’ first started in 2001 and now continues to flourish, with a team of seven who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of patients’ and their carers’ experiences whilst attending the centre for cancer treatment.  Our team of artists and supporters are fully committed to helping to make your time here as pleasant and fulfilling as possible, as well as those close to you.

The service is available three days a week in two main waiting areas: the Radiotherapy and Day Chemotherapy Units, as well as our two inpatient wards, Ward 34 and 35.


The key aim of this unique service is to help engage and involve patients and their carers, by offering you the opportunity to try many different art disciplines during your time here, including collage, watercolour, silk painting and textile pieces.


Pairing a professional artist with a skilled facilitator during each session is the hallmark of this service, making for a unique approach. This ensures that we can offer as much time as possible for you and your family or carers, allowing you to choose how and to what extent you wish to participate.


Many high quality artworks have been created in this collaborative way, which are used to enrich the hospital environment, both within NCCC itself and across other areas with the Newcastle Hospitals.


If you would like to find out more about this service, just ask any member of our staff who can give you more information.

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