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Mould Room Appointment - Having a custom shielding mask made

As part of the preparation for radiotherapy, you may be due to visit the mould room. This page explains more about this visit and what is involved.

Having a custom shielding mask made

Why do I need to attend the Mould Room?

While you are having your radiotherapy it is important that you lie in the same position each time you are having your treatment. To help you do this, your oncologist has requested that a shielding mask is manufactured to accurately position the treatment to the planned area and to protect the surrounding area.It is usually necessary for men to be close shaven for this procedure when the area to be treated is around the neck, nose or mouth. If in doubt, please contact the scheduling office before you attend.

How is the device made?

  • Before starting the procedure the mould room clinical technologists who manufacture your shielding mask will explain in detail how it is made and answer any questions you may have.
  • Your oncologist may be present at your appointment along with a physicist and radiographer to discuss your treatment with the technologists.
  • Following this discussion the technologists will make a decision about the best way of making the shielding mask.
  • The moulding procedure is not at all painful and normally takes around five minutes to complete. It can be a little messy so please wear old clothes for your appointment.
  • The shielding mask will be made from metal e.g. lead, so may feel quite heavy. It should be sufficiently thick to prevent the radiotherapy from reaching the skin and tissues outside the treatment area defined by your oncologist.

Shielding mask for radiotherapy to the ear

Please note this is only an example and treatment is tailored to fit the individual.

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