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Outstanding care

The Great North Children's Hospital is proud to be the only dedicated children's hospital in the UK to have been rated as 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Coming into hospital

Our information brochure has details to help you and your child when coming to hospital.




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Childrens Services

Childrens Services



We are always here for you

We are aware that some children and their families may be concerned about coming into a hospital caring for patients with COVID19 and would wish to reassure everyone that we have taken all appropriate precautions to keep our patients, our families and our staff safe.

Watch this very special message from our mascots at the Great North Children's Hospital - Fudge and Blaze:

COVID19 Update for children and young people

During the COVID19 pandemic many families will be staying at home.

The government advice is to stay at home if you have a new fever or continuous cough, but if your baby or child is unwell call 111, get advice and do not delay getting help.


At the Great North Children's Hospital we are seeing less viral infections because children are not mixing at school and less diarrhoea and vomiting because of better hand washing. 

However there are other important causes of cough and fever (not COVID19) and some children still might need to be seen by medical staff and may need treatment such as antibiotics. 

Changes have been made to the Emergency Department to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID19 as much as possible.

To help you decide if your child needs to seek medical attention we have two resources.

The Orange book online has advice on all common childhood illnesses: 


We also have a patient information leaflet:

How to recognise when your child is seriously ill

This helps you decide when and where to get help if your child is unwell ( it is a more detailed version of p11 of the Orange Book) . 

Remember any small babies under 3 months old with a temperature over 380C or babies between 3-6 months with a temperature over 390C should be seen by a health care professional. 

Vulnerable children and coronavirus

If you are worried that your child is unwell please follow the 'if you have symptoms' advice here.

Knowledge about coronavirus is still incomplete but current evidence suggests that most children who acquire coronavirus remain well or with very mild symptoms and do not need treatment.
However certain children may be more vulnerable to coronavirus because of pre-existing conditions.

Examples of children considered as 'vulnerable' to severe infection are those with:

  • Chronic lung disease including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and chronic lung disease of prematurity (needing oxygen)
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic neurological disease including neurodisability and cerebral palsy

Weakened immune system such as:

  • Children having chemotherapy or other treatment for malignancy
  • Children who are born with an immunodeficiency (primary immunodeficiency)
  • Immunosuppressive medications - this includes biologics, long term steroids and other medicines that dampen immunity*
  • Children post bone marrow transplant (until they have normal immunity back, usually after the all-clear to receive live vaccines)
  • Problems with your spleen (asplenia or functional hyposplenia) including sickle cell disease 

Please do not stop or reduce ANY of your medications unless advised by your specialist team.
The following advice is intended to keep children as safe as possible: 
During the coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable children and their siblings should have social distancing measures in place including:

  • staying away from anyone unwell
  • staying at home
  • avoiding large gatherings

The latest guidance is available here:



Welcome to the Great North Children's Hospital

The Great North Children's Hospital (GNCH) at the RVI in Newcastle is one of only 14 major children's medical centres in the UK.

We provide the full range of children's health services, all tailored to each and every child - we call this patient-centred care.

You can find out about all our departments and services for children. You can also find out about the ward or clinic that you may be coming to.

Children's Emergency Department

We provide 24-hour care for emergency admissions at the RVI, ensuring children are seen as quickly as possible.

You can also find out about a range of children's health issues which you might find useful.

Working and student electives with the GNCH.

You can get more information about vacancies and student placements within the GNCH.

Services across the region

As well as our outpatient and inpatient services in Newcastle, we provide treatment for children across the whole of the North of England.

We work with other local hospitals to provide outpatient services within their facilities. This means your child may not have to travel too far to be seen by one of our specialists - speak to your doctor or nurse to see if your child can be treated closer to home.

We also receive patients from many other hospitals locally, nationally and from across the world who do not have the expertise to treat complex conditions. This includes the nationally renowned Bone Marrow Transplant Unit which provides treatment for children's immune and infectious diseases.

Expert staff

Visiting hospital can be daunting for you and your family. So we try our best to minimise these worries. 

Your child will be cared for by:

  • Dedicated and experienced nursing staff
  • Our team of highly-trained consultants
  • Hospital play specialists and nursery nurses based on all our children's wards
  • A whole range of hospital support staff dedicated to children  

Every member of staff has been specially trained to look after children, with some specialising in different ages - from newborns to teenagers.

You can find out more about the consultants and other senior staff who work here. You can also find out about the staff who work on the specific ward or clinic you are coming to.

More information

For more details about our Children's Services:

For patient transport information, please visit our NECTAR Service pages

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