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The Great North Children’s Hospital (GNCH) in Newcastle is involved in a range of research programmes that aim to improve treatments for our young patients.

Our Research Unit works in partnership with Newcastle University, other regional paediatric units, and teams across Newcastle Hospitals Trust to make research a part of our daily routine in the GNCH.

How research helps patients

Research is essential to help us get a better understanding of what goes wrong when a child falls ill. Research also helps us to learn how to prevent things going wrong to start with. 

All our research projects are essential to advancing children’s medicine and ultimately improving treatment for younger patients in the future.

If they want to take part, we offer our young patients and their families the chance to get involved in clinical trials, and to participate in research.

This means that some of our patients can often be the first to benefit from the very latest treatments.

Examples of studies

The GNCH has world-class teams who work on a range of research projects in areas such as:

  • Research into the immune system and infectious diseases
  • Brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscle conditions
  • Childhood cancer
  • Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases
  • Thyroid and diabetes
  • Childhood heart and lung diseases
  • Improving treatment for newborns and children needing intensive care

Most of the children and young people who get involved in the research and trials are patients at the GNCH, and they and their families are asked if they would like to take part.

Staff in the Research Unit

Our modern Research Unit at the GNCH is made up of:

  • dedicated children's doctors
  • research nurses
  • clinical trial co-ordinators
  • data managers

More information

You can get more details on the research we’re involved in from the main Newcastle University website. You can also get more general information about research from:


For more details about research at the Great North Children’s Hospital:

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