Dental Services

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

RVI contact: (0191) 282 3160 Dental contact: (0191) 2824680

This is a joint medical and dental speciality whose aim is to manage disease and malformation of the mouth, jaws and face.

You will be treated in this department if you have an injury or condition affecting your mouth, jaws, neck, cheekbones, forehead or face. Nose and eye injuries are usually treated in other specialist departments.

If you have been to A&E with a facial injury, you may well be referred to us if you require further treatment.

Specialist clinics for complex conditions

We also run specialist clinics if you:

  • have a cancer affecting your mouth, head or neck
  • were born with missing teeth or a jaw and face abnormality
  • require surgery to correct any abnormality to your mouth and face

If your treatment requires staying in hospital for more than one day, you will be admitted to Ward 20 in the Claremont Wing at the Royal Victoria Infirmary or the Northern Head and Neck Cancer Unit at Freeman Hospital.

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