Dental Services

Paediatric Dentistry (Child Dental Health)

The Children’s Dentistry team provide specialist oral healthcare for children from birth to sixteen years of age.

Young people of different ages need different approaches to improve their oral health. We:

  • provide a wide range of care
  • involve children and parents/carers as much as possible in designing the best treatment
  • offer support and advice to your family dentist.

Special services

We can help your child achieve and maintain a healthy mouth with preventive oral healthcare. 

If your child is anxious about having dental care, we can help them with gentle behaviour management and sedation. Children’s teeth damaged by dental decay may be repaired with the help of local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia.

Sometimes, children can break their teeth, have missing teeth or teeth which don’t grow correctly. Your child may be asked to attend specific clinics providing expertise to overcome these special dental needs.

We also help children with special medical needs achieve good oral health by working alongside you, your child and their doctor to provide individual, appropriate care.

More information

For more information about the service, please contact:

  • Dental Hospital reception
  • 0191 282 5111
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