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"I was seen in Conservation by a student dentist and would like to compliment her  in every possible way.  What an asset to your hospital!"  Ms AD

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Dental Services

Restorative Dentistry

Contact: (0191) 282 5154

The Restorative Dentistry department is divided into three specialist areas:

  • Prosthodontics - specialises in the design and construction of your dentures. We have a specialist laboratory where we manufacture dentures.
  • Periodontology - specialises in the treatment of gingival (gum) disease. We have a team of dental hygienists working in tandem with this department.
  • Conservation - is concerned with the provision of fillings, root fillings, crowns, bridges and implants and other restorations. We have a specialist laboratory where we make crowns, bridges and implant based restorations.  NHS funded implants are only available in limited clinical circumstances which are detailed here.

If you have more complex needs, you may need to be seen in a combined clinic involving specialists from other dental disciplines.

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