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Dental Services

Oral Surgery Under General Anaesthetic (Morning)

Contact: (0191) 282 4147 - Oral Surgery Day Unit

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This information aims to provide you with more details regarding your treatment under general anaesthetic in the Oral Surgery Day Unit.
Please note that during your time in hospital you may be cared for in a mixed sex ward, with separate changing facilities. Privacy and dignity are seen as a high priority for all patients. The order of treatment to be carried out is decided by the doctor or dentist. Please be prepared to spend all morning in the department.

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  • Do not eat after midnight.
  • You may drink clear fluids up to 6.30 am such as water, black tea, black coffee or diluted juice.
  • If you need to take regular tablets or medication this can be taken with sips of water at the usual time.

Any current or recent illness (e.g. cough, cold, rash, etc.) should be reported immediately as this may affect treatment.
If there are any problems or concerns, please contact a member of staff on the day unit between 8.30 am and 5pm on 0191 282 4147.
After 5.00pm, contact the Oral and Maxillofacial Senior House Officer through the hospital switchboard on 0191 233 6161.

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A responsible adult must accompany a child, they may be allowed into the anaesthetic room until the child is asleep. This is at the discretion of the anaesthetist.

General Information

  • Please do not bring any valuables into hospital with you. No responsibility can be taken for any valuables lost on the premises.
  • Please do not wear nail polish or a lot of make up.
  • Do bring something to read or occupy your time.
  • Please bring any other tablets or medicine you are taking so that the anaesthetist knows what they contain.

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After Care
Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you home by car or taxi. You will also need someone to stay with you for 24 hours following your anaesthetic. Please bring with you a contact telephone number and tell them to contact the Day Unit between 10.00 am – 11.00am to check when you will be able to go home. Telephone 0191 2824147. After your general anaesthetic it is not advisable to travel home by public transport. If you are unable to arrange your own transport home, please contact your GP who will book an ambulance for you. You must not drive any vehicle, ride a bike or operate machinery, including household appliances or drink alcohol for 24 hours after your anaesthetic. You will be advised of any other precautions by the surgeon/anaesthetist or dentist. These will be written down.

Blood stained saliva is to be expected. More serious bleeding is often caused by disturbance of a clot, with rinsing or by the tongue .To control this fold a clean cloth
and place this pad over the bleeding socket and bite down to apply pressure for at least 20 minutes whilst sitting. If this problem persists contact the relevant numbers on this website.

Swelling or Bruising
This may occur around your wound, and can last up to 7-10 days. This is harmless and will disappear.

If you were given a painkilling drug after your surgery, you will be told what was given and what time your next dose will be.


  • Following a general anaesthetic we would advise you not to go to work the following day.
  • After some procedures you may require several days off work. Your doctor or nurse will advise you about this.

If you have any further questions, please contact a member of staff on the telephone numbers provided in this information.

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