Dermatology (Skin conditions)

After skin laser treatment

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Care of your Skin after Laser Treatment
The following guidelines are given in order to reduce the discomfort felt following laser treatment and to minimise scarring.

After laser treatment the skin may be sore. Paracetamol and/or ice packs may relieve the discomfort. Swelling around the eyes is common and sitting upright and using ice packs will reduce this.

Some crusting and scabbing of the skin surface is common. Do not attempt to remove the crusts. Cover the skin with a dry dressing if necessary, especially if the area is likely to be rubbed by clothing. Sometimes the skin may blister. Leave the blisters intact. If the blistering is extensive or troublesome, contact the number below for advice.

Wash the skin carefully and pat dry with a soft towel twice a day. You may use a mild cleanser. Immediately after cleansing, moisturise the skin with the cream supplied to you after your first treatment. Reapply the moisturisers as necessary during the day.

It is very important that you avoid exposure to sunlight completely throughout the time of your treatment and before your treatment. Covering the area with a layer of clothing offers good protection. Otherwise, a high factor (SPF 30 or above) sun cream will be needed.

Do not apply any make-up to the treated area for 7-10 days or until any blistering or scabbing has settled.

Sports and swimming
We advise that you avoid all contact sports and swimming for 7-10 days after your treatment.

If you have any problems or queries, please telephone us for advice: 0191 282 9732

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