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Camouflage Application - Dermablend
This page has been produced to provide you with information regarding Dermablend camouflage system and aims to answer any questions you may have.

What is the Dermablend Camouflage system?
This is an application system using Dermablend Creams to correct or conceal skin discolouration or disfigurement, caused by accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital means. The system is effective for men, women and children. When applied correctly, initially under supervision and then by yourself, the cream can help lessen the stress and psychological effects that the condition can cause.

Where do I get the creams?
Having been referred to the camouflage nurse you will agree the colours needed to cover your problem. Under the nurses guidance you will learn to apply the creams. All of the products can be obtained on prescription, initially from the hospital clinic and then from your own GP.

How do I apply the creams?

1. Get ready
If you use a moisturiser, apply it as usual. Then with the spatula, place a small amount of cover cream in the palm of your hand. Using a circular motion, soften the cream with your finger to make it easier to apply.

2. Apply
Using a dab/pat motion, apply the cream with the tip of your finger or brush until the imperfection is completely covered. Remember that less is better for a natural look.

3. Get set
Dermablend setting powder is essential to seal the cover cream, so it will not rub off. Shake the colourless setting powder onto the puff and dust it on. Wait ten minutes and brush off any excess.

Although there are many creams available for camouflage, Dermablend had shown to be the most suitable for you today. If in future you need to change the colours or if you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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