Dermatology (Skin conditions)


Modern footwear may contain the following substances, all of which can cause dermatitis:

  • Leather - Hide, sheepskin, etc.
  • Rubber - Many kinds.
  • Plastics - PVC
  • Acrylic materials.
  • Resins - Formaldehyde
  • Epoxy.
  • Glues - Various
  • Dyes - Organic (hosiery).
  • Natural fibres - Wool, cotton, linen (hosiery)
  • Synthetic fibres - Nylon, polyester, acrylics (hosiery)

NB: Some laundry chemicals, for example detergents and fabric softeners can irritate the skin and may be absorbed when washing hosiery. Thorough rinsing is advised. The relevant problem areas for you will be indicated during the clinic appointment with your consultant.

If you require more detailed information regarding which footwear would be suitable for you, please ask the Dermatology Department staff who will be able to give you further advice.

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