Laser Treatment

Contact: 0191 282 4485 - Dermatology Department


Patient Information  -Attending For Laser Treatment 

On admission you will be required to have a photograph taken of the area which is to be treated. Soon after this the laser treatment will be carried out.

The skin to be treated should not be tanned before the procedure as this will block the effect of the laser. Avoid suntanning for at least two weeks before treatment.

You will be informed of unavoidable delays and we apologise for any inconvenience you may be caused on these occasions.

Local anaesthetic is rarely necessary. If it is required, the local anaesthetic will numb the skin area before the procedure is performed. You may eat and drink as normal.

The actual procedure is carried out in an operating theatre. We would advise the following:

  • Leave all valuables at home (money, jewellery, etc)
  • Remove any nail polish
  • If your procedure involves your head, face and neck, it is important that no hairspray is used and all make-up is removed before going to theatre.

It is advisable to have a simple pain killer, i.e. Co-codamol, Paracetamol, at home should you require them after discharge.

We would advise you not to drive home if the procedure involves the eye or surrounding area.


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