Dermatology (Skin conditions)

Patch Testing

Contact: 0191 282 4485 - Dermatology Department

Your doctor has requested skin allergy testing by patch test. This procedure will be carried out by a specialist nurse.

Patch testing is the application of sticky paper patches to the skin of your back. Underneath the sticky patches are various chemicals to which you may well be allergic.

You will be asked to attend on two occasions:-

  • The first occasion will be to have the patches applied to your back.
  • The second appointment will be 3-4 days later for the doctor to read the results.

We may be unable to apply the patches if you have an extensive rash on your back.

We advise you not to apply cream or ointment to your skin on the day of testing as the patches may not stick.

A skin marking pen is used next to the paper patches to indicate their position. This may mark your clothing so we advise you to wear dark garments on the day you attend to have the patches applied.

We will advise you not to do exercise (such as golf, running or swimming), as this would cause the patch tests to come off.

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