Dermatology (Skin conditions)

Triamcinolone Acetonide via Dermojet.

This information has been produced to explain the procedures of administering triamcinolone acetonide via Dermojet.

You have been prescribed a course of the steroid triamcinolone acetonide, which is given to you by Dermojet, a needle-less injection. This treatment is carried out in the Dermatology Outpatients Department.

Alopecia/patchy hair loss is a common reason for this treatment – the treatment is used in an attempt to stimulate hair growth.

What to expect during treatment:

  • A qualified nurse will carry out the treatment.
  • The treatment will be explained to you on your first visit. Please use this opportunity to express any worries and to ask questions.
  • Your doctor will normally prescribe a maximum of 6 treatments. These will usually take place at 2-3 weekly intervals. You will then be reviewed by your doctor.
  • The steroid is administered into the skin via the Dermojet through pressure – there are no needles involved. A sterile Dermojet is used for each treatment.
  • It is common to get a spot of blood where the treatment has been given. If this occurs pressure will be applied to the area until the bleeding stops. A dressing is not usually needed.

Side effects:

  • Triamcinolone acetonide is a steroid and can occasionally cause side effects. These will be discussed with you on your first visit. Do not hesitate to discuss worries you may have concerning side effects with a nurse or doctor before you start your course of treatment.
  • Dermojet is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • It is common to experience a headache following treatment for alopecia. It is recommended that you take Paracetamol if this should occur. An aspirin based painkiller is not recommended as this may cause the treated areas to bleed.

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