Dermatology (Skin conditions)

Wound healing by Secondary Intention

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This information has been written by the staff to help you to care for your wound after surgery.

The operation to remove your skin lesion is now over. Instead of closing the wound by stitching the doctor would prefer the remaining wound to heal by itself. This is called healing by secondary intention. This method of healing will save you having to have stitches removed but it will mean you having regular dressings carried out to the area for approximately two to six weeks depending on the size and depth of the wound.

These dressings can be done by your Practice Nurse or by yourself. If you feel confident about attending to your own wound care it will save you time going to your GP and you will be able to change the dressing at your own convenience.

You will be shown by the nurse in dermatology outpatients how to look after your wound. If you are not sure how to do this please ask.

If you do decide to look after your own wound then please follow the guidelines below: -
1. Remove the soiled dressing before washing, bathing or showering.
2. The wound should be cleaned daily with plain, cooled, boiled water using gauze or a similar material.
3. Gently pat the area dry.
4. Apply a thin smear of antiseptic ointment and a small, dry dressing

If you have any further queries regarding your dressing please contact the Dermatology Department

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