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Patient testimonials

"Excellent hospital, excellent care"

My son was in this hospital, they were caring kind , efficient and dedicated.

You could tell the nurses really enjoyed their 'calling' and let it be said it is about wanting to be a nurse because you care and have a compassionate attitude. I cannot fault the Freeman in any way, shape or form for the care my son my received there, and the understanding to parents! This hospital cares and so do its staff. It is clean and well-run, you can see this, this is how a hospital is supposed to be!


Audiology Department

I am writing following my recent visits to the Audiology Department at the Freeman Hospital. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the department and in particular to the medical staff who tested my hearing and fitted my hearing aids.

One each visit I was made to feel as if I was the only patient that they had to deal with that day. While working with the utmost professionalism, they showed care and concern towards me as an individual. I was impressed by the length of time that was taken with the hearing tests and also to ensure that the hearing aids were adjusted to the optimum efficiency before my consultation was concluded.

The quality of care I have received has genuinely changed my life in the past two weeks.


Speech and Language Team

I have been attending the Freeman Hospital over the last few weeks. 

I would like to say how impressed I have been with the care and information I have received so far. I was put at ease straight away with the Speech and Language staff and their professional, yet understanding approach to my individual needs. After each visit I have been given the best systems to improve the quality of my voice and I have been delighted with the way in which my voice has developed. I would also like to commend Louise Kellett, the practitioner whom I have seen on each visit. Her manner and the way she presented herself was outstanding. I was also very impressed with her professional manner and attitude.

Mrs DB

Professionalism, empathy and knowledge

I have recently contracted cancer of the throat and have experienced the professionalism, empathy and knowleedge of all your staff - from Consultant to Cleaner - and for each of them I would award 10 out of 10. So please on my behalf thank them all, and two in particular: Arlene on Ward 5 and Kath Houghton = 10+++++. Also the excellent service from the Radium Dept through all their trials and tribulations.


Patient thankyou letter for Ward 10

As a Chief Executive of Freeman Hospital could you spare a moment to thank your dedicated staff, especially those in the Ward 10 Day Care section. I spent last Monday under their care and received the best of attention. My surgeon Mr A Welch through his skill and kindness has kept me healthy for many years in the ENT department. I can only say thanks to everyone.

Mrs DG

Patient thankyou letter for Sleep Studies team

My son was on ward 11 for sleep study and I’d just like to say I couldn’t fault this hospital in any way. Thank you to all the staff for making our stay really comfortable.


Patient thankyou letter for ENT

On 5th November I had an appointment at ENT at Freeman Hospital. I write to thank you for the efficiency and courtesy that I was shown for that day and also when I phoned to make the appointment with the doctor that I saw. 

I was very impressed with the system, which allowed me to choose my hospital, with the help of my GP and then phone and choose a date and time to suit me.

Please pass on my thanks to the department that helped to make a nervous time for me into a much less stressful experience.


Patient thankyou letter for ENT

In view of all the adverse publicity the NHS receives in the media, I would like to convey my appreciation to your staff in the ENT department.

The service to assess and fit to digital hearing aids was excellent. The staff in your hospital were superb with me, as were the staff in Urology where my husband was treated recently.

Thank you for your care and professionalism. 

Patient thankyou letter for Ward 11

I would like to thank the staff on Ward 11 for being friendly and making my son’s first stay in hospital easier for him.


Patient thankyou letter for ENT Department

I am currently under the care of your excellent Mr V Paleri , in the ENT Department at your Freeman Hospital.

I have had a fairly serious operation, well by my lights, a desperately serious operation! And will require some further radiotherapy, when Mr Paleri deems it necessary.

The fact is though that I am now well on the way to recovery and it is entirely due to the wonderful treatment that I have experienced, from Mr Paleri down to the lady Pam who cleaned my cubicle every day with a cheery hello, I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough, and my wife thoroughly endorses my view, and the small cheque I am enclosing, for you to dispose of to the benefit of the Hospital, is merely a small token.

I would have written this letter anyway, but having read of the horrors of life in the hospital in Maidstone, only enhances how lucky we are to have three great hospitals, so ably staffed, in Newcastle, so keep up the good work and the high standards that the folk of Newcastle are able to enjoy, well maybe not enjoy, but definitely appreciate.

Thank you for your time. 


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