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"Could you spare a moment to thank your dedicated staff, especially on Ward 10 day care section where I have been under their care and received the best of attention.  My surgeon Mr A Welch through his skill and kindness has kept me healthy for many years in the ENT department.  I can only say thanks to everyone".  Mrs DG

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Menière’s disease

A condition affecting the inner ear which results intermittant attacks of vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss and fluctuating tinnitus. You can find out more about Meniere's disease at NHS Choices.

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Ear Nose & Throat Service (ENT)

Our services

Here you will find some of our specialist services provided in our ENT Department.

Newcastle BAHA Centre

We are home to the Newcastle BAHA Centre - dedicated to hearing restoration. We are the sole providers in the North East of the most modern Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, and currently the most active unit in the UK. We also offer the option of middle ear implants for the few patients who fall into that criteria. This option can be discussed with your Audiologist.

Northern Head and Neck Cancer Unit

In the Northern Head and Neck Cancer Unit, our surgeons perform complex skull-based tumour surgery, with a fast-track system that guarantees you'll be seen within two weeks.

Audiology and Hearing Aid Service

We provide the most up to date  hearing aids which are available to us on the NHS. The majority of these have the option for wireless connectivity to a variety of assistive listening devices which may help some people in difficult listening situations, some of which can be obtained with help from Access to Work. Speak to your Audiologist if you would like further information about this.


Speech and Language Therapy

We provide specialist services to patients with voice, speech and swallowing problems, usually related to ENT problems or head and neck cancer.

Children's ENT Service

We have established a dedicated ENT service especially for our younger patients including a specially designed pre-assessment system and a children's ward.

Wards and Clinics

Find out more about our specialist ENT wards and clinics which are based at the Freeman Hospital.

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