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"It's over two months since I was given my digital hearing aids and I have to let you know that they have transformed my life!"  Mrs KEB

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digital hearing aid

Digital hearing aids have a tiny computer inside to process sounds which makes it possible to customise the aid to suit your hearing loss very precisely. Find out more about hearing aids at RNID.

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Ear Nose & Throat Service (ENT)

Newcastle BAHA Centre

Welcome to our web pages for the Newcastle BAHA Centre, where we restore hearing for people from all over the country.

BAHA stands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aid, which is the very latest in hearing technology based on conducting sound through bone.

We use it to help children and adults who suffer from a wide range of hearing difficulties which can’t be overcome by conventional hearing aids.


Our services

BAHA logoWe’ve been based at the Freeman Hospital since 1994 and we’re now Europe’s largest BAHA centre. Our service is fully funded by the NHS and we’re expanding all the time.

We currently help about 250 patients a year, of all ages from 20 months to 90 years old. Our team is committed to helping many more people connect to the world of sound.

On these pages, you can:

More information

If you still need to know more about us, please call or email us. You can also talk to some of our patients by attending one of our monthly patient support group meetings at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle on the first Thursday of each month.

For more details, please contact us at:

If you’d like us to treat you, or know someone who could do with our help, please ask your GP for a referral to our service - the Newcastle BAHA Centre.

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