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"In view of all the adverse publicity the NHS receives in the media, I would like to convey my appreciation to your staff in the ENT department."  Mrs VG

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Surgical procedure in which the larynx (or ‘voice box’) is removed.

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Ear Nose & Throat Service (ENT)

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy team provides specialist services to patients with voice, speech and swallowing problems, usually related to ENT problems or head and neck cancer. We also provide our expertise to specialist colleagues in other areas, such as brain injury or neurology. 

Voice Disorders

We have two highly skilled speech therapists who work with all types of voice disorders, using the latest diagnostic equipment and our state-of-the-art voice laboratory. The department has an international reputation for clinical expertise and research excellence in voice disorders. We run weekly diagnostic parallel voice clinics, as well as combined surgery and speech therapy voice clinics. 

Head and Neck Cancer

We have a specialist team comprising three dedicated speech therapists who work as part of the Head and Neck cancer multi-disciplinary team so that rehabilitation is built into your treatment plan at an early stage.  They provide assessments, treatment, support, advice and information to help you lead as normal a life as possible.

If you’re a laryngectomy patient, we also provide a surgical voice restoration service, and provide therapy and equipment for voice and respiratory rehabilitation.  We also have links to the local laryngectomy support group, ‘TALK’ who can be contacted at TALK

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If you would like more information about our Speech and Language Therapy Services please contact:

  • The Head of Speech and Language Therapy
  • Tel: 0191 213 7646
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