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Atresia/Microtia and hearing loss

This page gives parents information about Atresia/Microtia and hearing loss in children, and provides details about the BAHA bone conduction hearing solution.

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Hearing is essential to childhood learning and language development. If your child has atresia/microtia, they have malformations of the middle and/or outer-ear that can cause a conductive hearing loss.

The inner ear usually functions normally and with a little help, children with atresia/microtia may hear virtually unimpaired – and develop just as well as their friends.

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Children with atresia/microtia are often not suitable candidates for conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids.

The BAHA System offers a flexible solution better suited to the special needs of children with atresia/microtia. With a BAHA System, your child gets a solution proven to work well on children with atresia/microtia.

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BAHA solutions can be implemented early in life, helping children with atresia/microtia to gain better access to hearing. Studies report delayed speech development and academic difficulties in children with a conductive hearing loss, and stress the importance of early intervention not only in children with a bilateral hearing loss, but also in children with a unilateral hearing loss.

This is so important because language development is a cornerstone of the healthy and fulfilled life that all parents want for their children.

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The BAHA System makes use of the body’s natural ability to hear sound through vibrations.

To bypass the problems in the outer or middle-ear common to atresia/microtia, it sends sound through the bone directly to the functioning inner ear. In other words, it re-routes the sound – naturally.

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To find out how to gain better access to hearing you should contact your GP to arrange a referral to us.

You can also get more details about the Newcastle BAHA Centre.

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