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Treacher Collins syndrome and hearing loss

This page gives parents details about Treacher Collins syndrome and the BAHA bone conduction hearing solution.

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Hearing is essential to childhood learning and language development.

If your child has Treacher Collins syndrome, they are likely to have malformations of the middle and outer ear that can cause a conductive hearing loss. The inner ear usually functions normally in children with Treacher Collins, and with a little help, they may hear virtually unimpaired and develop just as well as their friends.

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Due to malformations of the outer ear, children with Treacher Collins are often not suitable candidates for conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids.

The BAHA® System offers a flexible solution better-suited to the special needs of children. With a BAHA System, your child gets a solution proven to work well for children with Treacher Collins.

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BAHA solutions can be implemented early in life, helping children with Treacher Collins to gain better access to hearing.

Studies stress the importance of early intervention, suggesting that it is preferable to address the hearing loss before the age of six months.

It’s so important to give your child access to improved hearing, because language development is a cornerstone of the healthy and fulfilled life that all parents want for their children.

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The BAHA System makes use of the body’s natural ability to hear sound through vibrations.

To bypass the problems in the outer or middle ear common to Treacher Collins syndrome, BAHA sends sound through the bone directly to the functioning inner ear. In other words, it reroutes the sound – naturally.

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To find out how to gain better access to hearing you should contact your GP to arrange a referral to us.

You can also find out more about the Newcastle BAHA Centre.

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