Falls and Syncope Service

Patient testimonials

Below are details of comments and letters received by past and current patients attending the Falls and Syncope Service.

Testimonial from Mrs M

"To all of the staff at the Falls and Syncope Department.

I felt I must write and thank you for the care and consideration shown to me over the last six months, when I have been undergoing various tests in your department.

Times like this are always worrying and stressful, but your friendly welcoming attitude and professional and jargon-free communication of results and advice helped make it easier to cope with.

Although I have decided not to have any further treatment at the moment, I would again like to thank you all and say your department has a wonderful team."

Testimonial from Mrs N

"I visited the Falls and Syncope Service (in November 2008) and I must comment on the quality of service I received and the friendly helpful attitude of all the staff that I came into contact with.  I was very impressed by the organisation, the hygiene, the treatment and the communication."

Testimonial from JL

"I have been attending the clinic (3 monthly) via the "Hospital Ambulance Service" so I have had plenty of time  sitting in the waiting area and observing people come and go.

I feel that this is one of the most pleasant clinics for patients to come to in the RVI.  I have experienced a consisitently friendly and cheerful welcome from the receptionist Ann, approachable and encouraging attitudes from the nursing staff, and a positive, caring atmosphere throughout the whole area. 

Whereas I used to dread hospital visits in general, I don't find it so difficult now mainly due to the "better" experience I have had, and the fact that I have confidence that I will be well-treated in this clinic. Thank you!"

Testimonial from Mrs L

"On both occasions when I have visited the F & S Clinic, my father-in-law and I have been very impressed by the positive atmosphere, friendly and professional attitude of all of the staff.  I do not normally like coming to hospital (for obvious reasons), however, the expert care and attention received in this clinic makes such a great difference.  Keep up the good work!!!"

Testimonial from Mr A

"Early in October 2008, I collapsed for no reason.  The ambulance arrived within 5 minutes of my wife calling 999, and the paramedics gave me quite a thorough check-up in the ambulance, before advising me to contact me doctor.  They waited until I had an appointment time later that day, before leaving.

My GP also gave me a thorough examination and found the same as the ambulance crew, namely low blood pressure.  He also advised that he would refer to the Falls and Syncope Department at the RVI.  The following morning, I had a blood sample taken at the surgery.  I was given what I considered a very early appointment at the clinic.

I will not bore you with a blow by blow account of my attendences at the Falls and Syncope Clinic, but would like to say that from the first collapse at home, I consider the attention I have had at all stages of the investigations which followed, and particularly at your Clinic have been very much appreciated by myself.

I have had nothing other than courtesy, consideration and professionalism from the Clinic staff at all levels and on occasions, coffee as well.

It does seem at times that the National Health Service get nothing more than bad press, which  is one reason why I am writing this letter.  I consider the treatment given to me by the Falls and Syncope Clinic to be first class."

Testimonial from Mrs H

"I have been a patient in several hospitals, and attended many departments, and I have to say that Falls and Syncope Service come top in my opinion, for care and consideration.  This includes all doctors and nurses in the department.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that not once have I heard the words "It's your age", and that, to me is very special."

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