Newcastle Fertility Centre


How do I make an appointment to be seen?

Before we can arrange to see you in clinic we require a referral letter from your GP. This is because we need to know your medical history and details of previous treatment(s) or investigations that you may have had. Most patients are eligible for NHS investigation and we will arrange to see you in the NHS clinic. This can be arranged through the Choose and Book system (where you choose your own appointment) or on receipt of the referral letter. Our reception staff will send out the next available appointment for clinic when yopur referral is received. If you have completed investigations (including those undertaken elsewhere) and are not eligible for NHS-funded treatment our private secretary will contact you to book an appointment.  Please note that we still require a referral letter for a private appointment.

If you are seeking fertility treatment with a partner please ask your GP to include their details (name, date of birth, GP and address) on the letter.

I would like to arrange a sperm (semen analysis) test.

We have an Andrology diagnostic service. All tests are undertaken on site. Please speak to your GP about arranging a referral for this to be carried out.

Most tests are undertaken through NHS diagnostic services however if you would need to have the test carried out on a private basis we can arrange this for you if your GP requests the test in writing.  Our private secretary will get in touch to book a date.

I’ve had treatment at your centre before and would like to return for further treatment – how do I arrange this?

If it is more than 12 months since you were last seen in the department or if you have been discharged, then we require a new referral letter from your GP.  If it is within 12 months and you are still under our care please call the centre to make an appointment.

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