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"We would both like to say a very big thank you to you all for your kindness, professionalism and dedication, although treatment was unsuccessful this time".

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Newcastle Fertility Centre

Private service

Most patients attending the Newcastle Fertility Centre receive NHS-funded treatment. However, unfortunately some couples are not eligible. This is determined by your GP Commissioner Group, but we will be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible.

We present our fees as a package so that it gives you a realistic estimate of the total cost. Please be aware that some clinics break down their fees so they are difficult to understand - they may also add additional charges that you were not expecting.

If you wish to be seen on this basis, and have been seen in the centre within the past year, please contact the private patient secretary. If you have not been to the centre within the past year please ask your GP or consultant for a referral letter. 

You can find a printable version of our costs (please note, this link opens up a PDF document which may take some time to download).


Before treatment

Out-patient consultation
At this appointment (with a consultant Gynaecologist) we will discuss your problem and consider the treatment options available. If you don’t want to progress to treatment but request specific tests, the cost of these will be explained individually.
After treatment we would usually see you in the routine clinic for follow-up at no additional cost, but if you want to ensure that you see a specific consultant, this can be arranged for an additional fee (£100.00). 
Pre-treatment investigations
If you have decided to have treatment we will need to undertake some routine investigations. This is provided at a fixed cost. After the investigations are complete we would then be able to give you a date to start treatment. 
Out-patient male fertility consultation
At this appointment with the consultant Andrologist, we will discuss problems that relate specifically to complex male infertility. It includes an examination and tests if required. 
Please note that both the initial consultation and pre-treatment costs would apply before you book treatment (ie £495.00).

Treatment costs

This is the total cost of one IVF treatment 
 £3,300.00 + £500.00 (approx drug costs)
This is the total cost of one ICSI treatment 
 £4,300.00 + £500.00 (approx drug costs)
Sperm Retrieval
Note: These procedures are only required if no sperm are present in the semen (eg after a vasectomy).
PESA/TESA £1,330 
MESA/Multiple open testicular biopsy/MicroTese £2,150

Additional optional procedures

Thaw and replacement of embryos £970.00 + £150.00 (approx. drug costs) 
Use of donated eggs per cycle   £615.00 
Use of donated sperm from our bank per treatment £610.00 
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis  £510
Reversal of vasectomy
(Does not include sperm storage)
Collection of eggs for fertility preservation £3,300.00 + £500.00 (approx. drug costs) 
Freezing of embryos, eggs or sperm and storage for one year  £560
Annual (or part year) fee for storage of embryos, eggs or sperm
This includes storage of imported sperm.
Payment must be made at the start of the storage period.

Donor Insemination Treatment

Use of donated sperm from our bank per treatment  £610.00

Donor insemination treatment per natural cycle (this excludes the cost of sperm, please add £610 if using sperm from our bank)

Superovulation and donor insemination per treatment  £1,020.00 (excl. drug cost of £150 to £500.00)
Follicle reduction (if needed)  £510.00

Ovulation Induction


Ovulation induction with injections if needed £410.00 (excl. drug cost of £150 - £500.00) 
Intrauterine insemination with partners’s sperm £610.00
Follicle reduction with intrauterine insemination (if needed) £1,125.00

The following conditions apply

Payments are taken by Debit or Credit card only.

IVF or ICSI cancelled treatments 

When you start the injections to stimulate the ovaries, payment for the full IVF or ICSI treatment will then be due and is usually taken when you come for your scan. Drugs are purchased separately as needed. If your treatment does not go according to plan, the following will apply:

  • If treatment is cancelled after you start the first injections but before you start the second injections, the total charge for treatment will be £150.00.
  • If the ovaries do not respond adequately to the injections and treatment is stopped before the egg collection, you will be refunded £1,020.00 (if IVF) or £2,000.00 (if ICSI).
  • If no eggs are collected during the retrieval procedure and ICSI was planned, you will be refunded £1,020.00.
We are unable to refund the cost of drugs.

Donor insemination treatment

  • If a natural cycle of planned insemination is started but does not result in an insemination, there is no cost.
  • If a superovulation treatment is cancelled because of poor or over-response to drugs, the fee will be reduced to £410.00.

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