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Semen Analysis

Sperm testing

Sperm testing (Diagnostic Semen Analysis) is a routine part of an infertility investigation. To determine the quality of the semen, different parameters are examined, including the sperm concentration (the number of sperm), motility (how well the sperm are moving) and morphology (the shape of the sperm).

The results of the analysis help us to determine whether or not a ‘male factor’ plays a part in the reason why you have not conceived naturally. It is important to realise that although we get a lot of useful information from one semen sample, a number of factors may influence the quality of the sample. If the initial results are not within normal ranges you may be asked to provide more than one semen sample as part of your fertility investigations. This is a common occurrence and helps us to determine an accurate diagnosis.

Being referred

A referral appointment can be requested through the GP services. Once an appointment at the clinic is scheduled, you will be required to produce a sample in one of the production rooms at the Fertility Centre. Arrangements for patients who are unable to provide samples within the facility can be made upon request.

Abstinence period

It is important that you abstain from sexual intercourse or masturbation for at least 48 hours but no longer than 7 days prior to your appointment to aid an accurate assessment of your sperm quality. 

Andrology Laboratory hours

The Andrology Laboratory has predetermined appointment times for diagnostic semen analysis – first appointment of the day is 08:00 and the last appointment is 14:40.

To rearrange appointments please call 0191 2138213

Diagnostic Semen Analysis – Patient information leaflet

The Andrology Laboratory Handbook can be found here.

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