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Pre-pregnancy advice

People who are trying to conceive can take a range of steps to help increase their chances of having a successful pregnancy. On this page you can find some advice that can help before pregnancy.


  • All women who are trying to conceive are advised to take Folic Acid 400mcgms daily to reduce the risk of a baby born with spina bifida. It is often cheaper to buy this over the counter at a chemist than on prescription.
  • Being overweight has serious health implications and can cause complications during pregnancy. If you are overweight we will defer your treatment until you have lost weight. It is important that you maintain your weight loss throughout the time you are having treatment. Certain health authorities will not offer NHS funding if you are overweight.
  • Research suggests that women who smoke are less likely to conceive following IVF treatment. If you would like help to stop smoking please telephone the NHS Smoking Helpline 0800 169 0 169, or contact our Stop Smoking Service.
  • Before you start your treatment you should be tested for rubella immunity and immunised if necessary.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases caught at any time may create further problems when trying to conceive. It is also possible that vaginal infections at the time of embryo transfer may reduce the chance of IVF working. If you are worried about this at any time we encourage you to visit your local genitourinary medicine clinic.

Please inform us if you aware of any conditions or illnesses that exist in your family. This will allow us to investigate any risks to you or any child that you may have and ensure that you receive appropriate advice and counselling. If necessary we may refer you to a genetics specialist.



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